The jewelry you wear makes a statement. Besides being beautiful, each of our designs communicates a message. Designing with keshi is a challenge because not every gem is perfect; in fact, the beauty is found in their very uniqueness and in their imperfections. We at Gifts of the Mermaid believe in the beauty of our products. We combine the natural beauty of exotic Japanese Akoya saltwater keshi ‘seed pearls’ with the sparkle and sensuality of sapphires, diamonds and many other rare stones. Because of their small size, Japanese Akoya keshi can be very difficult to string, but our company has perfected the art of drilling and stringing over our four decades of commitment to craftsmanship and quality. In fact, we at Gifts of the Mermaid are the only company worldwide that meticulously designs and strings these uniquely seed pearls to perfection. With exact attention to detail and more than forty years of experience, each piece has been designed by skilled artisans to he very highest of standards.We specializes in Japanese Akoya saltwater keshi pearls, and are involved in every aspect of the business. We have been in business since 1962 and are known for the quality of our product and beauty of our designs. We drill the pearls, have them strung using the traditional process, and incorporate them in our innovative jewelry designs.