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GOM00866   Akoya Keshi Pearl Necklace with Detachable Coral Bracket
GOM00863   Akoya Keshi Pearl Necklace with Detachable Ruby Bracket
GOM00884   Black Spinel ,Keshi and South Sea Pearl Necklace
GOM00818   Black Spinel and Keshi Pearl Long Necklace
PDC-6009   Center drilled Japanese Akoya champagne and Gray keshi pearl necklace
PDC-6001   Center Drilled Japanese Akoya Champagne Saltwater Keshi Pearl Necklace
GOM00956   Champagne and Gray Keshi Pearl Long Necklace
GOM00293   Chocolate Akoya Keshi Pearls With 18K Diamond Clasp
GOM00955   Chocolate and White Japanese Akoya Keshi Necklace
GOM-000555   Dolphin South Sea and Sapphire Pendant
GOM00468   Golden and White Mixed Keshi Pearl Necklace
PDC-6008   Gray and White Suna Keshi Necklace
PDC-6007   Gray Japanese Keshi Necklace
PDC-6002   Infinity Keshi and Peridot Necklace
GOM00737   Japanese Akoya Keshi Champagne Necklace
GOM00850   Japanese Akoya Keshi With Blue Sapphire Beads
GOM00859   Japanese Akoya Keshi With South Sea Pearls and Green Tourmaline
GOM00411   Japanese Akoya Natural Gray Keshi Necklace
GOM00824   Japanese Akoya Suna Keshi Necklace
GOM00858   Japanese Gray and South Sea Keshi Pearl Necklace.
GOM00424   Japanese Keshi Necklace Mixed With Akoya Pearls
GOM0032   Japanese Keshi Necklace with Autumn Sapphires
GOM00872   Japanese Keshi Waterfall Gray Lattice Necklace With Blue Turquoise
GOM00820   Japanese Keshi Waterfall Lattice Necklace With Sapphires
GOM00896   Japanese Mixed Suna and Gray Keshi Pearl Necklace
GOM00166   Keshi and Gold Chain
PDC-6004   Lasso Akoya Keshi Pearl Necklace
PDC-6005   Lemon and Purple Citrine Keshi Necklace
GOM00852   Lemon Quartz Akoya Keshi Golden and White Necklace
PDC-6010   Long Japanese White Keshi Necklace
GOM00819   Moonstone and Long Japanese Akoya Keshi Necklace
PDC-SL-007   Onyx and Silver Octopus Pendant
GOM-00904   Onyx Broach With Large Japanese Akoya Keshi
GOM00861   Raindrop Akoya Keshi Necklace
PDC-6006   Smallest Pearl in the Word
GOM00920   South Sea Keshi Flower Necklace
GOM00899   South Sea, Tahitian and Akoya Keshi 18K Necklace
PDC-6003   Tahitian and Japanese Keshi Necklace
PDC-6019   Turoquoise and Japanese Akoya Keshi Pearl Necklace

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